Première interview d’une série initialement prévue sur le site Carhartt et qui, aléas du marketing, atterrissent ici pour la simple et bonne raison que c’est A Propos qui s’en est chargé !

PortraitRemyPhoto : Max Verret

Nickname Tav Date of birth 23/12/1991 Born in Paris Currently living in Paris Instagram @Remy_tav  Sponsors Converse, Carhartt WIP, Spitfire, Nozbone, Savate, Ashes, Independent


1 unforgettable skate trip
First ever trip to Morocco.

2 books to read
George Orwell 1984, Aldous Huxley Brave new world.

3 things to do before it’s too late
Go up the Eiffel tower, get my driving license, buy a plane ticket to my parents to my mothers homeland, Uruguay.

4 mandatory items to bring on tour
Foam roll, knife, beanie, soft wheels.

5 tricks you’ll still be doing when you’re 70
Ollie, back 180, no comply, slash five-o, back 360 (just kidding).

Bonus 4 timeless video parts 
Stevie Williams The reasonAve The DC video, Jake Johnson Mind Field, Dylan Rieder Cherry

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